satokivi's fanart blog. I like BRAVELY DEFAULT:)  
I'm Japanese. Sorry...I can hardly speak English...:'-(
I am using a translation site. Please correct me if my English is wrong.   
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Asker smile-sender Asks:
Hello! Your art is beautiful! I love the colors and your lines! Thank you for sharing your art with everyone! :)
satokivi2 satokivi2 Said:

Thank you very much!:)
I am glad to hear your message!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Can you do a tutorial for how you do lineart and coloring? I love your style a lot. <3
satokivi2 satokivi2 Said:

Thank you for your message!
Hmm…I will think about how easy to tell if a description.
If you don’t mind, please tell in detail what kind of thing you want to know.

Wow, your art is so beautiful! Thank you very much for posting it! You are awesome :)
satokivi2 satokivi2 Said:

Thank you so much!!
I’m glad to receive your comment!:D

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You draw only yaoi now? No more RingabelxEdea? Why??? ;____;"""""
satokivi2 satokivi2 Said:

I’m sorry…!:’(
Yaoi is a boom among me now…!
Because there are few people drawing yaoi ship that I love, I become the feeling that I want to draw more.
I don’t know how long this boom will last…
I’d appreciate your understanding about that.

Four men of Grandship’s crew.

I look forward to this game:D



Asker Anonymous Asks:
Your art is so cute, could you draw some Agnes x Tiz please?
satokivi2 satokivi2 Said:

I’m sorry…I cannot meet your request.…:’(
Because I have a lot on my plate…!
There are many things which I want to draw.
I would appreciate if you understood that…!